You’ve loved our Skin & Microbiome Supplements so much that we have already run out of the first production!

We had planned a little surprise for you, thinking it will come later in the year. But 2020 keeps surprising us over and over again!

So please discover our Skin & Microbiome Supplements now in BLUE! Same formula, new 100% vegetable capsule in blue. The only difference? A bit of spirulina and apple concentrate inside the cap for that blue look, so very Gallinée.

You will see BLUE soon on our website.


But don’t worry, transparent or blue, our Supplements have the same properties.
Ultra-concentrated with 4 strains of probiotics, one capsule a day will help to fight the signs and causes of skin sensitivity and inflammation, leaving your skin soothed, softer, and healthier.

So go ahead and build your inside/out routine for a balanced microbiome and a calmed skin.

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