Our new Prebiotic Face Oil is good at her job (oils are girls in French). How do we know? Because we made her pass all the toughest tests and she came out with gold stars all over her.

Let me present you the clinical results of our Prebiotic Face Oil.

Tested on who?

19 people with dry and sensitive skin, under control of a dermatologist.

What results?

One that I really like: We went and measure how the product was improving complexion by measuring the light on the skin before and after 21 days. So skin brightness increases by 41%, and it’s clinically proven. We also measured the depth of the crow’s feet wrinkle, and showed that it diminished by 16% after only 21 days.

The fancy one: We tested all of our products on a microbiome model, so we can say with pride: Our Prebiotic Face Oil is microbiome-friendly!

The omg so good ones: From our testing panel, these are the results and number of people who agree that:

For all your nourishing needs

  • Skin is nourished immediately: 95%
  • Skin is nourished durably: 89%
  • Ultra-dry areas are repaired: 95%

For your soothing needs

  • Skin is soothed immediately: 95%
  • Skin is soothed durably: 89%
  • Redness is reduced: 79%

And for the best skin glow

  • Complexion is illuminated: 89%
  • Skin is more beautiful: 89%

The list goes on and on, it’s a product that does a lot. It’s truly the best all-in-one Prebiotic Face Oil for sensitive skin are, all thanks to the hard work of our geyser bacteria and your microbiome.

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