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Problem skin

Problem skin

What is problem skin?

It’s a skin that is prone to pimples, greasiness, and acne. The cause is often the overgrowth of one pesky bacteria, C. acnes.

How to treat problem skin?

At Gallinée we propose a gentle but very effective approach:

  1. Feed the good bacteria to starve the bad: Thanks to selective prebiotics which can slow the growth of C. acnes
  2. Be extra gentle: By not stripping the skin we make sure the good bacteria can protect your skin barrier and prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria, even on sensitive skin
  3. Lower the pH of the skin: By using pH-lowring lactic acid, we make sure only the right bacteria can thrive, as the acne bacteria is happier at more alkaline pH.

Discover below our routine for problem skin

And if you want to  learn more about acne and the microbiome, you can click just here or there.

Foaming Facial Cleanser

Step 1 Cleanse without stripping the skin

Cleanses, softens and evens out the complexion. Soap free and ultra-gentle, the Foaming Facial Cleanser reduces redness and get rid of impurities with an anti-bacterial action against bad bacteria such as P.acnes and support your good bacteria for a clear skin. Use twice a day.

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Face Mask & Scrub

Step 2 Purify and Refine

A healthy glow can now be yours with this 2-in-1 action. Gently stimulates micro-circulation and boost radiance. Contains Kaolin white clay known for its purifying and absorbing properties. Skin is left purified, firm and smooth. Use twice a week.

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Hydrating Face Cream

Step 3 Lightly Moisturise

The Hydrating Face Cream evens out the complexion and balances hydration for a mattifying effect. By rebuilding the skin barrier our scientifically-formulated patented complex of probiotics, prebiotics and lactic acid reduces apparition of pimples with an anti-inflammatory action by helpful bacteria. Skin is left cleared, bright and smoothed. Use twice a day.

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