When I am asked why Gallinée Youthful Serum is so special, I tend to answer “No one has tried to put that many bacteria in a bottle before”. It seems it’s not how people try to sell beauty products usually. So let me develop a bit.

  • There is just like so.many.bacteria inside: Not only the friendly Lactobocilli we use in our other products. We also added an extremely affectionate extract of Lactococcus. It has the amazing property of stimulating the skin renewal process, so great for keeping skin young and plump..
  • Gallinée Youthful Serum is also really really full of bacteria food, prebiotics. And lactic acid. I like lactic acid a lot not only for it’s postbiotic properties but also because it brightens, get rid of dead skin cells and helps with cell renewal.
  • I am also quite proud of our double-action fern extract. It is a great tensing active, skin looks firmer and more tonic. And it also acts as a prebiotic! A double action active, it’s probably exciting mostly for me, but I absolutely love the concept.
  • It’s water-based. Which means that once you have put it, it sinks in and you forget about it. No greasy feeling, no oily residue, perfect before makeup, and no plasticky feeling that I associate with silicones.
  • It’s a lot more than just anti-ageing. As like with every other Gallinée products, focusing on the skin microbiome help with imperfections, dry skin and redness. We already had so many good feedback from happy consumers, and it’s the best feeling ever for our team. Keep the comments coming!

There are many things happening at the moment in the Gallinée lab, and we are impatient to show them to you. But if you ever have a product you really would like us to develop, drop me a line! [email protected]