Inside Out Calm Duo


Introducing an In & Out anti-stress duo for a healthy skin & a zen mind

  • Soothe your skin with our new Calming Serum, powered by marine prebiotics and fermented oat to provide instant relief to sensitive or atopy-prone skin
  • Restore balance to both your skin and mind with Calm & Microbiome, the new supplements designed to target the gut-brain-skin axis, effectively soothing skin and alleviating psychological stress
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What makes it unique?
  • Our brand new food Supplement & Serum in one exclusive set
  • Designed with sensitive skin in mind
  • Suitable for atopic-prone skin
  • Holistic approach: soothe your skin & mind
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The anti-stress duo to promote healthy skin and a serene mind

Unlocking the microbiome holds the secret: by soothing it, the skin can reclaim its peace.
The Inside Out Calm Duo brings a holistic approach for a serene skin & mind, with a Serum & Supplement power duo that calms stressed skin & mind and nurtures bacterial harmony:

  • The Calming Serum immediately soothes all sources of discomfort. Tightness, itching, dehydration and redness disappear, leaving a lasting impact. Apply it morning and/or evening to a cleansed face.
  • The Calm & Microbiome supplement improves mood, soothes the skin and increases overall resilience thanks to the power of red algae and carefully selected beneficial bacteria. Take 1 capsule a day to promote a serene mind and skin.

Build your skin's resilience with microbiome science!

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