Same bottle and same size, it might be a bit tricky to decide what to pick between our Youthful Serum and our Face Oil. Let us help!

First: What is even the difference between an oil and a serum?

Well, an oil is an oil: A blend of lipids, waxes or fatty acids, with no traces of water. They can be natural or synthetic, feel dry or oily, clear, yellow or any colour. Their main function if trap water on the skin and bring essential lAdd a translation in Françaisipids to your skin (or to your bacteria, hum hum!)

A serum is just… anything you like really. There is not strict definition of serum. The way we see it, it’s a concentrate of active ingredients to boost your routine. It can be from very liquid to quite thick, be oil based or water based, and have a myriad of effects. Too broad to be true, so let’s concentrate on the Gallinée Youthful Serum, the one we know and love best.

face oil

Prebiotic Face OilYouthful Serum
For sensitive skin?YesYesLike most of the Gallinée products
For dry skin?Yes!+40% hydrationAnd like most Gallinée products, they do more than one thing. This is no exception.
For sign of ageing?-16% on crow’s feetYes!
Main reported benefits?Improved skin texture, reduction of redness, soothingFirming, softening, protectingOut of a looooong list of benefits
Main ingredients?A cool oil extract from a geyser bacteria, squalane, jojoba oil and oat oilAnti-ageing probiotic extracts, a lot of lactic acid and some firming prebiotics
TextureA light oil, allows to massage the face before absorptionA water based concentrate, sinks right in
Perfume?No, but a light smell of active ingredientsNo, and no smell neither
Microbiome friendlyOf course!Of course!
Our take?Rebuild your skin barrier and soothe your skinFirm and soften your skin, fight the sign of ageingWe mix both, because we want it all!

And so, which one will you pick?

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